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SoundCloud is the only place that pays artists based
on how much you listen. Scroll to learn more.

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How other streaming services pay artists

Everyone’s money goes into a giant pool and artists get paid based
on their total streams. This means the megastars make the most.

How SoundCloud
pays artists

With us, it’s about equity: your money
goes to the exact artists you listen to.

Fuel creativity

Your streams matter. With more money,
independent artists can make more music you love.

Impact culture

On SoundCloud the community
influences what's next in music.

Revolutionize the industry

Through fan-powered royalties, you’re
changing the music business for the
better. Empowering your favorite
artists and paying them more fairly.

Connect with artists

Top fans show up in an artist’s Insights
dashboard. Listen, share and be seen.

“It’s such a simple idea. Your monthly fees get split up between the songs you actually listen to.”

— RAC, musician and producer

fan-powered royalties, your listening adds value.

Meet Vincent


What Vincent makes under the old industry payout model


per month

What Vincent makes with fan-powered royalties


per month

Meet Chevy


With fan-powered artist royalties, Chevy’s monthly payout increases by


On SoundCloud, your streams are worth more.

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